Are you Sleeping Beauty Or the Wicked Wicked Witch?

You are great at your job, aren't you? Great customer service. And a terrific employee to boot aren't you?  You show up on time. Work hard. Get along with your co-workers terrific don't ya?

A Rockstar! 

Except for, well, so you have been cutting it close to the punctuality thing lately. And maybe you don't always fully stock up the bar at night. And there was that small incident with that waitress that wouldn't run your food.  But, hey, you have been here for a while now, and you paid your dues, right? You have the right to be a little... lazy, maybe, once in a while! 

Or have you become that lazy entitled pain in the a** that you worked with at your last job? Time for a hard look in the mirror Sleeping Beauty!