Are you a people hater?

I had a lovely lady tell me last night that I was a personable server.  Why thank you. I blushed. 

" I like people. "

She replied, " Not everyone who says that really does. Mostly, they are not telling the truth. You can always tell the difference."

Think about that.

Do you like people? Cause if you don't you are in the wrong business.

* and good luck finding a business that doesn't involve people lol

Yes, people can be strange, rude and head-shakingly weird. But people are also kind, generous and funny and fascinating.  

You have to pick your lane and ride it. Cause if you don't like people, this business is going to drive you batty and make you bitchy. Real quick.

You could decide to like people and see them the way you would want someone to see you. 

And be like this awesome guy who documented his first three weeks at Target. He clearly loves people. 

Be like him. Be a people person.