Game face on,please.

Ok. Don't judge me. I have a confession to make. 

I drink raspberry vodka and cranberry juice.

Yes, the drink of freshmen college girls everywhere.Yes, me. Bartender extraordinaire of 30 years. I drink vodka and cranberry. Which didn't used to raise eyebrows, until the rise of the mixologist and the craft cocktail movement. But I like what I like. And my palate just isn't made for the herbaceous/briny/savory/smoky/aromatic flavor profile of the current cocktails of choice.

Recently at the trendiest craft cocktail place in my city, I ordered my drink of choice. It was busy, I rushed my order without looking at the bar menu.The bartender made a face. Like a FACE. As in "how dare you to order such a common drink at my fine establishment" I stood firm and repeated my order, refusing to be shamed for my choice.

This is why: I AM THE CUSTOMER. I drink what I like. Don't judge me. SERVE ME.

I once worked for a lovely, sophisticated, well-traveled owner of a wine bar, and she would say: My best friend like ice cubes in her red wine. Give it to her. She likes what she likes. It doesn't matter what you think. Give her the ice."  It does not matter if the chef doesn't like the sushi grade tuna cooked well, he is not the one eating it. 

Educate, inform, sell, suggest, even help stretch a comfort zone of the guest.But don't judge them. 

* I finally found a craft cocktail I can get into.

It's called the" Vindima Fizz ": Gin, Quinta do Noval LBV Port, lemon, raspberry, egg white. It can be found at Wright & Co. in Detroit Michigan. Shout out to the bartender Micheal, for getting me to step out and try it.