Are you a keeper?

I work with a woman..... let's call her "Jen" She is miserable and unhappy to work with. She avoids her side work. She delegates instead of doing. She is bossy. She is a strong server. Her regulars like her. She talks about everyone behind their back. She will pick up any shift and take any table.

Is she a keeper?

A keeper is a good employee. You can be a good server or bartender, but are you a good employee? 

Are you there ten minutes early, so you are ready to step on shift? Are you pleasant and kind to everyone you work with? Yes, I know you don't like everyone. But it is called being a professional. 

Proper uniform? Know your features? Do you loan your hands? Teamwork, grab that bucket of ice for the bartender, clear someone else's table. Do for others and they will do for you. 

Be the person you want to work with. Be a keeper.