Do as I say, not as I do.

After a lovely dinner at a bespoke wine bar in the burgeoning restaurant scene in my city, I left my card with the bill as I usually do. The server saw it and started chatting with me about how long it had been since his training. Over 10 years! I'll be sure to pass this on to my manager, he exclaimed.

And he did. The manager graciously made time on a late Saturday night to talk with me. Telling me, he had ordered the eTIPS training, but since it took longer than drinking his glass of wine, he never finished it. Insert genteel laugh here. He proceeds to list objections to the training. I replied to each objections as I always do. Calmly and with facts. We wrapped with him promising to call me.

My dinner companion said, " See, He'll call you for sure". " It will never happen." I replied. He was 3 sheets to the wind himself". Shaking my head. 

So, here is the thing, I get this business, I get that a guest open and offers you a glass of expensive, coveted Cabernet. I get the guest wants to buy you a beer, a shot, a glass of champagne. But are you the guest or are you the Owner? The manager?  How can you show your staff how to do anything other by than by example. 

Do as I do. Not just as I say I do.