My bad, man.

"My bad" the server at my favorite Thai place, says and smiles as she corrects my order. 

No. No. No. Not "my bad". Not "No problem" 

I am sorry. Thank you. You are welcome. May I help you?

These common causal expressions, such as " My bad" and "No problem" have no place in your bar or restaurant interactions with customers. Full disclosure this is my pet peeve. It's not 'my bad" It's your mistake. Own it. Saying my bad is dismissive and cavalier.

 I'm sorry. Thank you. You are welcome.

This isn't a rap video. It's not Facebook or Snapchat. You aren't hanging out with your friends.  I am a customer, you are serving me. I am paying you. Have some respect. Use your manners. 

As my dad used to say:

Rule #1: the customer is always right.

Rule #2: When the customer is wrong to refer to rule number 1.

Now, clearly that doesn't mean that verbal abuse, physical abuse, or inappropriate behavior should be tolerated.  But people, Mind your manners, please. Your church manners!