You do what? she asked me.....

Recently out for drinks with a friend in this restaurant biz of ours. Her friend joins us. Chatting, gossiping and  getting to know each other, she asks what I do. TIPS? What is that? 

Whoa! Hold your horses! Haven't you been a server for nine years? Nowhere she had ever worked had required her to be Responsible Alcohol Service training!!  With TIPS or anyone else!! She truly had no idea what it was. In my state of Michigan, it is required every 3 years. Mind boggled. She had worked for an national chain as well as 2 high end well known restaurants in the city.

When I walked her through what it was and what it would teach her, she was blown away. "You mean I am supposed to tell them they can't have any more to drink? She asked, shaking her head. " I've never knew that. I've never done that." 

The shame of it is that, she has been shortchanged in being given the ability to protect herself and her employer against possible lawsuits. Knowledge is power.  Educate your staff so that they can protect you. 

I have said it before and will say it again, TIPS is a tool you give to your staff. Just like a wine key, pens, paper or menu knowledge. You may not use this tool as often, but you will be grateful that you have it when you do.