Are you worth it?

I recently got a No thanks to an sales call for TIPS. 

Hey, it happens. What disappointed me about this particular No,was that I really felt like TIPS training would have been helpful for the inexperienced staff. When I drilled down with my contact as to why, what the true answered surprised me. Surprised me in the lack of vision. The owner didn't want to do it because it was $100 over his budget. $100. Mmmmmm. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I respect a budget. Hell, I have one myself! I get that not everyone has the money to do everything that they want,when they want it.

But, what about money to do the things that are the right thing to do. Long term vision, that owner would have recouped that $100 and more in the insurance discount. Invested in a responsible staff. Long term vision could save millions in god-forbid-a-lawsuit.

$100 or a priceless piece of mind? Save a life by having a responsible well trained staff member make a better decision. much is a $100 worth to you?