The Top 12 Myths of being a bartender

 I think people's misconceptions come from a mixture of pop culture, personal experience, or that time their friend waited tables in college. But mostly from just plain not knowing any different.

 I firmly believe that there should be a mandatory course the summer after high school where everyone should work in a restaurant for six weeks. ( front or back of the house).The lessons learned in serving people and all it entails would make us a better society! But that's a whole other blog!


1. Yes, this is my real job. Not I'm not a student or actress or musician. This is what I do!

2.  I make a good living. Maybe even more than you.

3.  I don't spit in people's food. I don't care what you have heard or what movie you saw it in. I don't do that. EVER.

4. I have more education than you.

5.  I don't have alcohol/drug problem or 3 children by 3 different fathers. This is not a TV show.

6.  My job takes more skill than you know or could probably do yourself.

7.  My job has more opportunities, advancements than yours.

8 . I don't need a trophy husband and I don't love it when you hit on me after your third drink.

9.  Hey, I don't think you are funny.

10 .Yes, I remember your name. And what you tip.

11 .I'm not bitter. ... I'm busy and your hemming and hawing is putting me behind what other customers need.

12.  I dine out too!

Let me know if there is any I've left out that you have come across in your career!

Happy Safe Serving,

The Tips Lady