Wanna take my drunk A** home?

Wanna take my drunk ass home tonight?

Last night,  while mindlessly channel surfing, a commercial caught my eye. At first I thought it was the normal beer advertisement. You know the kind filled with buxom women, cool darkly lit bars or fun sporting event where suddenly you are wildly popular just because you ordered a beer.

The beer that is going to make all this happen to YOU!

But this ad was different.It was smooth, subtle like a good, old single malt scotch. No buxom blondes, no bromance, no high fives and there was actually a wedding scene! This was an ad from Budweiser totally dedicated to..ready for it....Designated Drivers!  Not just a small tag line of " Please drink responsibly" in the last 5 seconds in tiny print.

Watch here:  A whole ad campaign.