The Dirty Little Secret of the Hospitality Industry

The Little Secret of the Hospitality Business

We've all done it. Or we've had it done to us!  The dirty little secret of the hospitality industry. You have had to cut someone off! No more liquor, no more booze. Done. Nada. Finished.

Nobody in the biz like to talk about. Most are scared, some pass off the responsibility and a few even like to, but at one time ore another we all have to do it. It's part of our job.

In this crazy restaurant business we'll share our love live, money troubles, car trouble, even our health problems. But we don't talk about our trouble telling a customer : No more alcohol for you. The one time to break the Golden Customer is always right rule and we take the opportunity. So here is your opportunity.Share you stories about the guy who.... or then she said and I said....or then the manager did....or panic or worse.... indulge.

So here is you chance. Tell Me. Tell me what happened when you refuse to serve an intoxicated customer.

Tell me. I'm listening. And I have plenty of stories for you!