How bendy are you?

There is an often overlooked quality that is necessary for a manager to have or acquire. 


"Managers are responsible for establishing the tempo and highest standards of a business, enabling the restaurant to generate a profit."

Such a simple elegant sentence and yet so hard to execute. Your manager is the best version of you when you aren't there. They will do a constant act of balancing all types of personalities, needs, and objectives, every single day. Managing can be like herding cats sometimes. You get one, and the other zooms off. So you grab that one and lose the third one. And one always has an attitude.

To keep all that is required, moving in the right direction, they must have a backbone, grit, and compassion. For to lead by fear isn't leading at all. And leading to be liked is managing for the lowest common denominator. Telling people what to do, and to do things they don't want to, requires a firm yet compassionate hand. Being a manager is to know you will not always be popular, and being committed to the best version of the restaurant beyond that.

They are the rudder on the boat as it moves through the water.