Give me a little something, something.

I once was on the opening staff at a premier high-end restaurant.They touted it as the biggest restaurant opening in 10 years in the city. High pressure, lots of eyeballs watching your every move. Lots of P.R. Even some national mentions. The owner's previous restaurant was being resurrected, with new partners. Customers had high expectations. They wanted it to match their memories.

At the end of every day of training, the GM would update us and take questions. One day the question was asked if we would be honoring the partner's loyalty program. The GM was silent. He took a deep breath and said something I have never forgotten.

" You never discount value."

He went on to explain that if you compete on price as a way to win loyalty, you will always will. If you give value, people will give loyalty. You won't have to buy it.

He then, gave us the task, for the next morning, to all 50 of us, to find a way to add something to the customer's experience that was free or cost under $ 10.

Mine was if the customer mentioned how they liked the coffee, to give them a small scoop of our coffee. a special blend from Hawaii, 49 suggestions later, you would have some pretty valued customers and a heck of a lot of loyalty. 

A little something is really a little bit of paying attention. A little swag goes a long way.