What colour is your money?

“Everybody's money is green.” My dad used to say.

There is a great deal of chatter nowadays about customers. How stupid, how frustrating or what crazy request they had. We have all seen those “10 things NOT to do in a bar” lists. Or the posts on social media about what customer did to a server.


Everybody’s money is green.


Let that sink in. What that really means.

It means that everyone is paying. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, common decency and a minimum of kindness. Everyone who walks through the doors of your establishment is a paying or potential paying customer. Treat them that way.

Yes, this does not mean that someone is allowed to be verbally or physically abusive. That is what you get managers for.

What it does mean is that instead of thinking about what you are getting out of this. Try thinking what you are adding to everyone’s experience.

Everybody’s money is green.

Everyone has money to give you. What are you giving them?