Would you like some vodka with your lunch? Dealing with Day Drinkers.

When we talking about cutting off a guest, what comes to mind? A busy night shift? Happy hour? Late night cocktails? 

What about the lunch shift? Or that quiet down time of mid afternoon? I find this is an awkward situation to refuse alcohol to a guest. Day-Drinkers. It's quieter, so you probably have had time to actually chat with the guest. Or maybe it's your only guest and you don't want to lose them. They are also  more likely to drive after. I find Day Drinkers tend to be a regular.  Double awkward. 

The law doesn't look at those things. The law just cares if they are visibly intoxicated and if you were negligent in your duties.  

Don't let these things throw you off your game. Turn it on its head and use them to your advantage. Use your familiarity with the guest as a tool.

" John, you know we love having you here every day for lunch. I want to make sure you are here every day in the future. So that means that I can't give you any more alcohol today because I want to make sure you are safe and able to come in tomorrow."

Or "John, I can't let you go home to Marg like this!  Sorry, but I can't give you anymore today. "

Day or night, suit or hard hat, happy hour or dinner hour, a game day or brunch The law always applies. 

Happy Safe Serving. The TIPS Lady