I started with a job my Dad got me to his favorite breakfast place. I loved the pace of it. I was clean, neat and a quick learner. And so a career begins!

Over the next several years, I became super efficient. My sense of humor along with a love of people and their stories made me a requested server and bartender where ever I worked.

Serving put me through school and taught me several important life lessons. Like: Get promises in writing and trust your gut. Treat everyone with respect. Good customer service means always being two steps ahead of what your guest doesn’t know they need!


In 2007, when I opportunity to become a T.I.P.S trainer came up, I thought I can do that! I’ve cut off dozens of people! Little did I know how it would change my life and become my passion.

Teaching beginners and experienced bartenders alike, to be confident in taking right responsible action is so important. To see them understand their ability to affect change in their establishment is exciting.

Guiding Owners and managers to provide a responsible culture in their establishments helps them protect their business and save money is gratifying.

In the larger picture, seeing the effect it has on the community, that spotting intoxication and preventing DUI’s can and does save lives. One drink at a time! 


a.k.a. The TIPS Lady


I am a dynamic trainer for nationally recognized education programs for the responsible service of alcohol. Having trained over 500 clients. I provide an easy, online training method using T.I.P.S.  online.

This allows for hospitality professionals to protect their business, protect their customers and be compliant with state laws.

I provide guidance to managers and owners to develop a culture of responsible alcohol service. I train staff to spot and prevent intoxication in their guests, prevent DUI's, as well as providing brilliant customer service. 

Happy Safe Serving!

The TIPS Lady


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